Brainstorming Session – General Guidelines


  • Explain what purpose or objective is to be achieved by having the brainstorming session. Discuss why the selected audience was invited. Discuss who else should be involved. Consider discussing any obvious „not invited“ audience, but have a good reason for it.
  • Write this question, problem or issue on a white board or post it in an obvious place in large print.
  • Explain people can verbalize any creative ideas. Reinforce that sometimes the crazy ideas are the most successful. No idea is too loony (remember that old cliché about „outside the box thinking“?)
  • Explain that everyone is expected to participate (see individual Brainstorming Techniques if this is a problem).
  • Explain that ALL ideas are acceptable.
  • Post all the ideas on white boards or flip charts while they are being generated. Make sure to capture the idea and intent of the audience member. Have multiple people writing down the ideas, if needed.
  • Building on others ideas is acceptable. Expand different threads of thought.
  • Editing, criticizing or judging is NOT acceptable. Explain that the point of the meeting is to just generate ideas. Editing them down and refining them takes place later after all ideas have been exhausted.
  • Listen to the speaker carefully.
  • Allow snowballing, where an idea generates an extension to that idea that generates expansion of that idea, etc. and so forth.
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