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30. Oktober 2016

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Many years ago, at some time after the invention of the printing press and before the invention of slideware apps, people used to communicate with rudimentary tools and visual supports.  They might write on a blackboard with a piece of chalk, or hand out photocopies of some notes or graphs. Then came flipcharts, which made it easier to use colours than with blackboards, and easier to use plenty of drawings.  And then came the revolutionary OHP – the OverHead Projector, which allowed anyone able to write or print on a transparent piece of plastic to have their work projected on a screen behind them.

The OHP was the beginning of trouble.  However, it was still painful enough to produce an OHP slide that you’d only do it for the things you really needed to show. For the rest of the talk, you’d actually speak to people and try to communicate with them.

Then came PowerPoint and Keynote, and everything got a whole lot easier. These applications made it easy to produce simple slides to show on the wall behind you, so you no longer needed an OHP and you could produce as many slides as you wanted without a lot of trouble.  In fact, it was so easy that most people didn’t take much trouble with their slides.

Slowly but surely, the slides became the presentation.  When someone in the corporate world asks you: “Have you prepared your presentation?” they really mean: “Have you created your slides?”  Which is clearly the wrong question to ask.  Well, clearly to me and probably to you – but not for the majority of corporate animals

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